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Different Nationalities Invest In Looking Good

Italians, Argentinians and Americas spend the most time on their personal grooming. But that is only because Scouse and Essex girls do not constitute a nationality.

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Interestingly, this does not quite chime with my experience of working with high class professional call girls from these different countries. Let me say at the outset that Italian, Argentinean and American escort girls make some of the absolute best escorts Madrid has to offer. But that is because they are smart about the way they work on their apperance. They get their hair and make up spot on at the start of a “shift” or time “on call” and then just touch it up a little as and when it is needed. While English girls tend to strip their make up off at the first opportunity and then have to get ready from scratch every time they have a job. The result is obvious. The Italian escort has left her apartment, got to the client, finshed the appointment and is ready for the next job before the English girl has got her dress zipped up.

Italians lead when it comes to time spent on personal grooming (bathing, shaving, dressing, hair, make up and so on) saying that they spend just over five and a half hours a week on average. They are followed by Argentinians and Anericans, who are equal at just over five and a quarter hours a week. I have to say, by the way, that I suspect that there is a bit of “perception management” in these self reported figures. I would not be surprised if men over report their time on personal grooming and women under report it. In exactly the same way that men over state the number of sexual partners they have had while women under report them.

At the other end of the scale, Chinese say that they spend less than three hours a week on personal grooming – presumably it is a capitalist and western waste of their time that could be devoted to work. And South Koreans soen just over three and a quarter hours a week on personal grooming. But presumably the members of boy bands were not take into account or the number would be far higer. Having said that, the South Koreans have probably found extremely efficient ways to get the same effect as the Italians, but with far less time and labout invested. The Japanese apparently spend just over three and a half hours a week on personal grooming. Maybe the public hot baths count as health rather than appearance time.