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Staying Safe

I would not normally be found dead in an underground car park. Too many people I knew had been found dead in underground car parks. It is an occupational hazard for people in a great many occupations. And from being a young man straight out of school, it had been my lot that those were exactly the kind of occupations that I tended to be tempted or forced into. Just good luck I guess. But it is a little like they say in the Master Card adverts. Paying to have someone shot to death in an underground car park? Five thousand euros. Seeing it coming so it does not happen to you? Priceless.

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It is a bit like being an escort. You have to be aware of your invironment at all times. You never know when a perfectly pleasant and quiet situation will turn creepy, nasty or even violent. Working as the sexiest escort Barcelona offer means keeping an eye open for clients who are responding badly to narcotics, or to the door to the room next door being unlocked or open. Or to the main room to the door not being locked by the client so that someone else can come in.

The problem with working in some of the most popular and glamorous tourist spots in the Meditteranean is that – by defininition – they are busy and full of nice cars. So car parks are required. And underground is the only place that they can be. And if I have a situation where a driver is not suitable, then car parks are pretty much inevitable. It is a bit like swimming in nice warm seas. The choices might be between swimming and drowning, but you still need to keep a wary eye out for sharks.

But on land, the sharks look a little different and move a little slower. But, I am happy to say, they are also a damn site more predictable. You can always keep your eyes open and learn more about how to keep yourself and others safe. Same thing with the rest of your life, really. You just have to thing, listen and learn.