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Working With Malaga Escorts

Working with high class Malaga escorts is always full of challenges and apparent crises. Dave liked to emphasise the word “apparent” because most crises either are not critical or are misunderstandings. He also came from the school of extremely hard knocks, where a crisis that happened twice was bad management rather than happenstance. And it was also likely to get you killed. Dave´s background, as you will begin to appreciate, was not exactly conventional. But then conventional people do not find themselves running some of the biggest escort agencies in Europe.

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Escorts and their clients are all too frequently highly strung. And sometimes Dave felt that they should be strung from high. Sometimes it was from the stress of the situation. Being the highest class escort Malaga can offer is not an easy job. And believe it or not, most men do not find it easy to entertain a stunningly beautiful woman that they would never normally attract were it not for the wonders of commerce and capitalism. And then, of course, there are the pitfalls of drugs and alcohol. Cocaine especially. Which is terrific for getting a client to extend their time with a girl, but makes everyone even more paranoid than normal. Especially if the client is from the United States or Scandinavia and expects the police to knock on the door at any moment. Or if they are from Easter Europe and have “business” rivals that might wish them, harm when they have lowered their guard. Or if they have a pulse.

Anyone working with Malaga escorts, and particularly with the top end of the market, must know how to manage egos. A job where your marketability is based largely on your body and looks is stressful and paranoia inducing. Ask any actress or model. But if – as is the case with many escorts – your only career choices are between working in the local supermarket or between the sheets in a five star hotel, then the need to be at your peak is heavy and constant. And the fear of losing your market value is ever present. Not that this applies to every escort. Some are extremely smart and have merely made a choice to use their short-lived looks to generate long term wealth. They turn their sex appeal in investments and property.